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The Leap Curriculum


In preparing children for the 21st Century and living in a world we cannot yet imagine, we want to equip children with the life skills to support them in becoming effective learners and responsible, kind, citizens of the future. In order to access the curriculum, children need to be equipped socially and emotionally and we provide opportunities throughout their time in school to develop this. Our 4 Rs; Relationships, Resilience, Reflectiveness & Respect, underpin this.

Through creative approaches, we want children to acquire the fundamentals of Reading, Writing and Maths. This will enable them to access the wider curriculum both now and in their future education.

Applying the principles of cognitive load theory, we also want to give them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in a broad range of subjects so that they are ready for the next steps in their education. Through exposure to broad, rich content, they can link together the knowledge they have acquired to develop their understanding of new concepts.

Finally, as a school whose context is rural, we want to provide opportunities for children to have an understanding of, and a connection with, the natural world and develop children who have an appreciation of God’s world and are aware of the importance of protecting it.