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Lunch Menus

Woodham Walter Primary School recognises the importance of good nutrition for pupils’ emotional, physical health and well-being and the effects this can have on an individual child’s ability to maximise their educational attainment.

We also recognise that eating should be an inherently social experience and encourage our children to interact and enjoy this period of their day as much as possible. Good manners and clearing away are also encouraged.

Our menus and lunchtime routines are regularly reviewed on the back of feedback from parents and contributions from children on the School Council to ensure that Woodham Walter's lunch experience delivers on health, nutrition, fulfilment and fun.

School Dinners

The school cooks its own freshly prepared hot meals on-site, with most ingredients sourced locally.

Menus run on a three-week cycle. These menus are produced by our own kitchen staff alongside feedback from parents and contributions from children on the School Council.

In addition to the hot meal and vegetarian option, 2 further options of either a Jacket Potato or a Baguette with various fillings are available for children to chose from daily. Children are also able to help themselves to the salad bar which is available every day. Each day there is a homemade dessert on the menu and yogurt and fresh fruit are provided daily as another dessert option.

We cater to allergies and strong beliefs, with vegetarian and vegan diets catered for.

Packed Lunches

Parents and pupils are consulted to encourage the use of healthy packed lunches. The school provides guidance for parents about packed lunches. Parents are requested not to provide their children with nuts for snacks or lunch due to children having serious nut allergies in school.

Universal Free School Meals

Due to Universal Free School Meals, all pupils in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to a free school lunch daily. Those children who are entitled to a Free School Meal may choose from the whole menu without exception. 

Free School Meals

In KS2, pupils are no longer entitled to Universal Free School Meals. If you can’t afford school dinners, you may still be eligible for free school meals in Years 3-6. You will need to apply for free school meals. The school office will be able to provide you with details of how to apply.  

Summer Menu

15th April 2024 - 19th July 2024